Neolith is the largest compact, sintered surface available on the market.
It is a 100% natural product composed of feldspar, silica, clay and other natural materials, and mimics a phenomenon that in nature requires thousands of years, concentrating it into just a few hours thanks to an exclusive, highly technological sintering process.

Neolith offers highly efficient solutions for the most demanding of architectural projects, as well as a wide range of combinations of colours and finishes that make it a product aimed at designers and suitable for use in a variety of ways, for furnishings and for indoors and outdoors.

The physical characteristics of Neolith excel in any application, and the colours – made from 100% natural pigments – remain unaltered over time.

Technical characteristics:

caratteristica Light: Tanks to the reduced thickness of the tiles, this is an extremely light product, making it easy to transport and handle,
as well as reducing the weight factor when used for wall coverings: 7kg/m2 for the 3 mm option.
caratteristica Waterproof: the sintering process gives the tiles a porosity of less than 0.08%
Does not absorb water and is stain resistant, making it ideal for humid settings.
caratteristica UV resistant: because it is 100% natural, the colours do not fade when exposed to sunlight or other extreme weather conditions.
caratteristica Resistant to high temperatures: does not burn upon contact with fire, and does not emit smoke or toxic substances
when subjected to high temperatures.
caratteristica Wear resistant: the rigid surface makes it resistant to scratches and abrasions when exposed to extreme weather conditions (such as sand storms or similar aggressive phenomena).
caratteristica Excellent bending strength: the high mechanical capacity makes it resistant to heavy weights and pressure,
so it is also suitable for a number of curved applications.
caratteristica Low environmental impact: made entirely of natural, completely recyclable materials. Up to 52% recycled material.
Greenguard, CE, NSF1 certifications. When used in buildings, it guarantees LEED credits for the project.
caratteristica Easy to clean: resistant to all kinds of chemical cleaning agents, such as bleach or ammonia. If used on outdoor walls,
this proves an enormous additional advantage in areas with high pollution rates and at risk of vandalism in the form of graffiti.
caratteristica Hygienic: considering the extremely low porosity, it does not cause the spread of bacteria or fungi liable to cause illness or allergies.
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